DITP Hosts Food Arcade to Showcase the Potential of Thai Future Food, Addressing New Food Trends at THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2024 - The Siamese


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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

DITP Hosts Food Arcade to Showcase the Potential of Thai Future Food, Addressing New Food Trends at THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2024


As consumer interest in future food trends grows worldwide, the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has seized the opportunity at THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2024, held from 28th May to 1st June 2024, to organise an exhibition promoting Thai future food products. This exhibition highlights Thailand's potential as a producer of high-quality, export-standard future food, and encourages the consumption of future food among both Thai and international consumers.

The exhibition, presented under the concept of a Food Arcade, features an array of engaging activities. It provides information about Thai future food through four main categories:

● Functional Food and Functional Ingredient: these products enhance nutritional intake, reduce harmful substances, and promote overall well-being. Examples include nutritional supplements and probiotics.

● Medical Food and Personalised Food: these medically-supervised products are used to substitute for or complement medication, providing patients with the correct and disease-appropriate nutrients. Examples include specialized patient diets and elderly nutrition.

● Organic Food and Whole Foods: emphasizing natural production methods, these foods are free from chemicals. They utilize organic fertilizers, preserve soil health, and avoid genetic modification.

● Alternative Protein: offering higher protein than conventional foods, these options include plant-based proteins, insect proteins, cultured fungi for protein Alternative Proteinproduction, algae proteins, and new foods like lab-grown cultured meat.

In addition to learning about the four future food categories, the exhibition also features displays of over 40 future food products from Thai entrepreneurs, grouped into the four main categories and eco-friendly packaging. Visitors can engage in interactive activities to learn more about future food, enjoy commemorative gifts such as gelato ice cream and sample products from entrepreneurs. The activities have been a great success, attracting significant interest from the visitors.

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